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Fast-Track Certificate Course for Cabin Crew

FLYTON Institute of air Hostess Training is an International Standard Training Organisation for Aviation Courses and has the accreditation by the IAO to conduct Cabin Crew Initial Training. Successful completion of the course will make you eligible for cabin Crew Jobs in Domestic as well as International Airlines .Fast-Track Certificate Course for Cabin Crew
Our senior management and training staff are exceptionally well-qualified airline Training personnel with extensive management experience in the Aviation training departments of well reputed organization.
To start with, contact us and you will be invited to attend our free information and pre course screening, in order for us to ascertain whether you meet the requirements of the airline companies. If the pre-requisites are fulfilled, you will be invited to attend the next training session.

Addmission Open 

Duaration: 1 Year

Qualification: 12th Pass

Age: 17 to 24 years

Advanced Diploma Hospitality,Travel Customer Service
Diploma In Air Hostess Training


  • IAO Accreditation
  • English language instructors
  • Job opportunities with Domestic and International airlines
  • Interview Preparation by the Professional Aviation Trainer
  • Experienced senior cabin crew instructors

Pre-Course Screening and Aviation Medical Examinations

In order to join the Initial course, all candidates must pass a screening process and Aviation Medical Examinations.

Evaluated items

  • English fluency and general communication
  • First impression created (Present ability, Self-confidence, Attitude)
  • Educational and General Knowledge

Based on the results of this evaluation, we will be able to assess whether you would be suited to pursue a career as an Airline Cabin Crew.

Qualification :

After successful completion of the course, the Cabin Crew Certificate is issued approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA). Under the European Regulations the Certificate is recognized by all European airlines.

Modes of study :

The theoretical training is conducted in a classroom. The methods include classroom instruction and practical training. Each candidate must be able to pass tests with at least 80% correct answer. English is commonly used as documentation language, as it is the language used within aviation.


  • Introduction to Aviation – Qualification and Requirements
  • International Civil Aviation organization’s, regulations
  • Discipline and Responsibilities
  • Aircraft Ground School
  • Meteorology
  • Fire and smoke training


  • Fire Drill incl. Real Fire and Smoke
  • Swimming test in a swimming pool
  • Water survival training in a swimming pool
  • Oxygen administration to patients

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