• Real Dimensional 30 Seated Mock Airbus.
  • Real In-Flight Safety Training with Real Aircraft Seat Belts.
  • Students Undergo Real In-Flight Safety Training with Real Aircraft Life Jackets.
  • Real In-Flight Food and Beverage Service training with Real Meal Cart.
  • Real In-Flight Safety Training using Oxygen Masks.
  • Wine Service Training to make you Job Ready.
  • Real In-Flight and Airport Experience for all cabin crew students absolutely FREE!
  • Computerized Reservation System training.
  • Professional Make Up sessions in our World Class Grooming Lab.
  • Daily Grooming Sessions for Boys and Girls.
  • Swimming Training : Instructor Led Swimming Lessons.
  • Spoken English  : World’s Most Successful English Course.
  • Uniforms : Actual Airline, Designer Uniforms including Blazer, Shoes & Stockings.
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